Miss Eglantine Price | BestOfDisneyAwards.comBest of Disney Awards Nomination for:
Best Live-action Disney character

Miss Price is extremely headstrong, but also very kind when she wants to be. She tries to treat others with respect when they return the respect. She is also absent-minded and terribly forgetful, which becomes a drawback when she has to remember the words to a spell. She sometimes has a lack of patience, due to Professor Browne not giving her answers. Through her adventures with him and the children, she became a motherly figure and enamored with him when his cowardice was shed and his courage was born when the Nazis invaded Pepperinge Eye. When confronted with danger, she digs in her heels and while frantic, refused to give up, and always has a smart remark or quip.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks


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